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Mistakes Can Make All The Difference

                 Science has always been a human

Origins of thermodynamics similar to evolutionary discoveries

​In Hans Christian von Baeyer’s Warmth Disperses and Time Passes, he briefly samples the


          "The laws of thermodynamics smell of their human origin." The meaning of this

Curiosity About Energy

            “The laws of thermodynamics smell of their human origin” – P.W. Bridgman             Thermodynamics

Every hero needs a sidekick

Humans are innovators on steroids. Sure, gorillas build bridges and polar bears have been

Discovery is a Process 

​“The laws of thermodynamics smell of their human origin” This is a quote from the

the Legacy of the Laws of Thermodynamics

​In the first chapter of the book by Hons Christian Van Baeyer named Warmth

The laws of thermodynamics smell of their human origin

"The laws of thermodynamics smell of their human origin."  This is the quote by

Darwin’s World

Whenever I think of Charles Darwin, I think of how he managed to brilliantly

synapse, Synthesis, and Intuition

As we grow and develop our brains are hard at work perfecting their performance

letters from the Darwin Correspondence project

Throughout the past week of school, we worked both individually and as a class

The trails of paper that history forgot

The life of Charles Darwin is one that is well documented through his use

Charles Darwin and his views on religion

​One aspect that I've always been fascinated by when it came to Charles Darwin

Why Not?

​          Recently in class, we spoke about religion and evolution. Philosophers before, during and

Darwin Correspondence

The Darwin Correspondence Project really is an interesting website.  Just by reading through some

Survival of the Fittest 

​I can recall learning about Charles Darwin, Natural Selection, and Evolution as far as

Racial and sexist perception in the 18th and 19th Century

In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, society was well regarded as a land for

The ideas of the time

The 18th century fostered a collective lack of gathering information. Now you might say

“Observation” Mishaps to Evolutionary Theories

Man and woman. Different races. The thinkers of the 18th-century had begun categorizing people

Education and Discrimination

It was the great Nelson Mandela who once said, “Education is the most powerful

Your science is to my science…

Race and gender are two sources of conflict that spread wide across both human


          In the Coffee-House Philosophical Society newspaper, they found dark skinned humans to be

The impact of racism and sexism in the seventeenth century

​The various writings in the Enlightenment newspaper are extremely unique.  Each one has underlying

Early Scientific Approach to Race and Gender

​I have always known that people of the many centuries before us viewed women