Environmental Manifesto

is here today will be gone tomorrow. The world is constantly changing, as are
you. It does not take a scientist to notice the beauty or the changes of our
world. Go out! Explore! Mother Nature always has time to play with all her
children regardless of species. Everyone is welcome at mother her table. Don’t
categorize the world in simple scientific categories that shell of the natural
world into restrictive spheres of knowledge. Everything is part of the
whole. Erase the line between man and nature. Don’t be trapped on sides, branch
out and enjoy the whole. With interaction comes connection. With connection
comes understanding. With understanding comes acceptance or perhaps maybe the
opposite. Don’t ignore your mother’s cries for help when she needs you. You
have the power to make change, use it. Humans are only one small branch on the colossal
tree of life. Don’t focus on preserving the branch, focus on preserving the
tree and then the branch will only have room to grow. There is no tree to graft
to incase of failure. Destroying the world is destroying us. Don’t fall prey to
the cheap allure of human centered world for beyond the surface lies only conflict
and instability. Make cities breath, fell and connect again with mother nature
so that we may not just feed of her till she is too sick to continue but so
that we may help her stay strong and continue to provide support to us and all
our living brethren on this planet. Relationships are give and take, do not
focus on the taking. Use less, save more! When you focus on giving you will
find there is always more to receive in the end. Consumption breeds destruction
and we are currently breeding for failure. Don’t exploit resources, manage
them. Don’t pollute resources, sanitize them. Don’t remove species, restore
them. Many resources are finite. Resources are not equally distributed
globally, neither are people. By exploiting resources you can also exploit
humans not only lower the world quality but our quality as well. Conservation
is not a localized issue. Do not think of the environment just in terms of
habitat type or location. Your trees are not the only ones that matter, your
animals are not the only ones threatened and your pollution does not only
effect you. The environment holds no national ties, no preference in human
politics. Environmental degradation is not a political issue, it is a human
issue that transcends the confines of individual governments and societies. Reasons
for caring are not the same and they do not need to be. The general idea of
nature can be inconsistent and that is ok too. Nature and the environment may
seem real or artificial depending on hats beliefs and experiences and that’s fine.
The main thing that needs to be understood is that regardless of views is that
nature is, and we are a part of nature. Do onto nature as you would want nature
to do onto you.


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