Class Blogging Progress


I’ve been pleased to see the amount of thought and effort most of the class has been putting in to the blogs each week.  Since these blogs are only being assessed on an S/U basis, I am looking much more at content rather than the style of writing.  That is, what I want to see is evidence that the questions posed each week have been adequately thought through and an effort to provide a considered answer has been made.  In this post I want to take a little time to point out some exemplary posts, so if any of you are still trying to think through how best to frame your responses you can have an opportunity to consider what some of your fellow classmates are doing. 

I particularly enjoyed the second set of blogs that were written in response to the Darwin Correspondence Project.  Your posts showed that as a class you uncovered quite a variety of interesting things on the web site.  A couple of posts I found particularly interesting follow:

There have also been some very engaging posts from the third set as well.  I like this post because it shows some creativity, and there should be plenty of latitude in these assignments to be a little playful.

This is another very nicely written post on thermodynamics:

Keep up the good work.  And as you go along, remember that these blogging exercises are more informal than regular class writing.  They should give you an opportunity to do a little thinking out loud, to be creative, and add a personal touch to what you have to say. 

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