Dear President Boren…

President Boren,

We as a student body here at your University would like your consideration on a topic that is very popular among the people who live and breathe for OU. As a dedication to the Sciences that supports this organization and the lives of many, we would like you to bring about the topic of placing a statue of Drosophila Melonogaster outside the Biology building. Drosophila Melonogaster; also known as the common fruit fly, is a great way to show support and memorialize science and research. The fly has been involved in scientific studies and research across many fields, and is one of the earliest to be tested on. The student body and staff would greatly appreciate it as we feel as though we need something to be memorialized by, but not only our branch, but the other studies not scientific at OU. It would do much more for the University in terms of visual/ memorable qualities.

-Student Body, University of Oklahoma

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