Consecration of the Drosophila melanogaster Statue

“Building and forging the ground floor of genetics,
Undermined as significant, yet defying the skeptics.
Drosophila melanogaster flew into our lab searching for scents,
Helping us map it’s chromosomes from end to end.
A perfect model, the beast did prove,
It’s short life cycle, led us to choose.
And chose we did, observing perplexing mutations,
The changing of colors and characteristics, our knowledge was hastened.
168,736,537 base pairs it’s sequence,
It’s impact on our world, never infrequent.
To Thomas Morgan, the visionary of this fly’s contributions,
Who appreciated, honored, and respected this mutant.
For all who knew this animal’s impact,
And all the flies who assisted entrapped,
Drosophila’s donation to our understanding of science,
A species so small, but it’s revelations Giant.”

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