Seven – 4.17.16

I came across this comic called ‘Dating Odds’ the other day while surfing through a selection of them and the comic itself caught my attention, because of the book we had just read, The Madame Curie Complex. This comic was funny to be, because in the book most women in the history of science became famous through the men around them who had done work in science previously or who were working alongside them to get there. This comic is quite humorous, because the man in the first part of it is explaining to the woman that since there are so few women in their field, the odds of her finding a partner are rather high, however, the woman points out that though the odds are high, the potential partners she can find are somewhat odd due to their nature and stigma of being in the scientific community. 
Going back to the book, this comic is an interesting take, because the women in the science world are not typically just looking for a partner, they are trying to further their research and show that they are just as capable as men, if not more capable in some cases. This comic sort of sticks it back to women as them just being in it for the “typical” female reasons such as love and care, rather than the “typical” male reasoning for science and being the only competent beings to do this side of research and work. In fact, just like from the books examples as well as many others, there have been plenty of women who have been successful in the scientific world without the typical ooey-gooey love-sick nonsense that people automatically associate with women, but instead have been successful with hard work and dedication to their careers and lifelong work. I think this is an interesting topic and an important one for people to realize within the scientific community. Women are definitely a lot more than house maids and caretakers of children, they are just as tough and just as capable of making decisions that men are. 

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