April 18th, 2016

This comic really connects with me because it reminds me of myself and my other friends. Whenever we have something big due, no matter how we say we’ll start early, we never really do because we get stuck in the brainstorming stage until pushed to think of an idea. I’m especially guilty of procrastinating because coming up with something new or creative is difficult. It’s only because of the upcoming deadline for a project do I spend large amounts of time to think in order to come up with an idea. But I don’t think it’s only our generation that’s been hindered by this problem. Honestly, I think the generation before us have had problems thinking up ideas and the generation after us will keep having problems brainstorming. It isn’t confined to just my friends and I. Just like Calvin, I’m sure famous scientists have experience the problem of not knowing how to start or where to go next. And like Calvin, they must be in some kind of “mood” to brainstorm their ideas that help them hypothesize and come up with experiments. We as a society always seem to hold scientists at some higher level as we see them as brilliant and infallible.  We fail to realize that scientists are human like the rest of us. And like us, they also have made mistakes. But they were known and successful because they kept trying after by coming up with more ideas even though they most likely got stuck a lot trying to realize what they are missing or mistakes.


Calvin and Hobbes http://1.bp.blogspot.com/–PoDTb0JoO4/UA8ACvrk-vI/AAAAAAAAB5o/KvHROrEPP8Y/s640/Calvin+and+Hobbes.gif

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