The Man With the Plan


Behold – Einstein at the raw end of a deal; he forgot his homework! But! What is this cartoon really saying? I believe it’s suggesting that broad new theories or evidences related to science are often initially laughed off or not taken seriously – almost always actually! When a brilliant scientist such as Einstein presented his ideas on general relativity, no one quite took him seriously enough. But clearly, future discoveries and evidences showed that Einstein was indeed correct.

It’s important to take away from this satirical cartoon that maybe we don’t take new theories and scientific descoveries seriously enough. Many men and women’s evidence is shrugged off for being “too out there” or “too unrealistic” to be taken seriously. Partially due to the male ego, some scientists don’t want their colleagues to have the breakthroughs in science – they’d prefer themselves to have the honors.

This Einstein cartoon appealed to me because of the trials he faced throughout his life when charging through the known-boundaries of established science. No one held him back, and he often pursued his interested and his out-of-the-box ideas that led to one of mankind’s greatest achievements. The long and short of it is – listen to peoples ideas, listen to their new data, listen to their eccentric theories… you never know when they may be on the brink of something great.

​Now where is my homework…

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