Laughable Science

Science is something that is talked about in some way or another pretty much every day. Everyone has a notion of what a scientist is supposed to be like. These notions come from our interactions with people and things around us, even comics. This comic by Bill Waterson shows the way that the young Calvin portrays scientists in his mind. He sees them as people who do what ever they want in the name of science. They also don’t do it for the joy of learning or for the good of people, but for their own monetary gain. He demonstrates this by saying “God never bothered to patent his stuff.” While Calvin is probably the smartest toddler I know, his statements represent the ideas that many people hold. Not all scientists are out for their own benefit. Marie Curie is one noted scientist who did not follow this trend. She did not patent her discovery of radium, but instead wanted it to be studied by anyone who was willing and able. Her discovery eventually resulted in medical advances which led to many lives saved. Comics are just one more way that we can see the stereotypes and thoughts concerning scientists of the day. 

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