Science can be funny

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The comic Im focusing on is pictured above, shows the main character Dilbert watching/listening to what we have to assume is news since we can’t see it. What it makes me think about is the testing conducted on animals. I enjoy animals, but I’m not one of those animal lovers that will protest and picket against animal testing. It has its pros and cons, and I would rather the testing be done on animals than on humans. But this comic brings up the side of the animals, and how animals don’t get to chose what happens to them. This rat didn’t agree to testing or experiments, but got a human ear grown on its back. Not that I think there shouldn’t be animal testing, I just wish there could be a way of getting the same results without harming animals. Being knowledgable though, I know the best way to determine the effects of something on a human is to test it on something similar. I chose this comic though because I remember growing up reading Dilbert in the newspaper, my dad would always give me the comic section to read after he was done and this comic stuck in my mind. 

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