Women have it rough in the field of science

The most recent study on gender bias tells us that gender bias is still present throughout the scientific community. Women get the short end of the stick when it comes to many things in society. The social constructs of everyday life make the simplest goals to reach for the average male almost impossible for a female to reach. Either that or it is a feasible goal that women just aren’t that interested in. Women in science have always taken a role that was in the back ground rather than a lead role. Such as, being a lab assistant to a male scientist. But it wasn’t always the women’s choice that caused them to be in these lower positions. When women are placed in a situation where they are compared to other men in regards to who is best fit for a job, acceptance to a grad program, or into a research program they are at more of a disadvantage than the male due to society’s very skewed views on women in the workplace and academic setting. When a man is interviewed he is seen as intelligent, a leader, hard working, inquisitive, and his whole appearance and demeanor screams I’m best fit for this position. Women can possess these same qualities, but there is always that doubt that society will have against women being in high positions. Even if the woman gets the position she won’t be given the same respect, or pay as the man would. Which gives us a possible reason as to why women are not as involved In the scientific community. The problem has nothing to do with their education background at all women received 70 percent of bachelor’s degrees in life sciences but only hold 38 percent of assistant professor ships and 24 percent of professorships. So will women ever get the chance to have just as much of an equal opportunity as men in the scientific community there is really no telling. Women over time have become more active in the scientific community. We have advanced from only a completely male dominated field to a field that is now intermixed with women as well. But not just white men and white women people of all races.

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