​​Thoughts on Lady Science no. 11: Reshaping Gender Through Sci-Fi (http://tinyletter.com/LadyScience/letters/lady-science-no-11-reshaping-gender-through-sci-fi).

In this article Anna Reeser & Leila Mcneil talk about the idea of gender roles in our society.  They explored how Science Fiction sometimes alters particular gender roles.  They examined how Science Fiction would place women in positions of power/dominance, this is not always common in our society.  I find this topic very interesting for several reasons.The first reason I find this topic interesting is because I have actually seen this played out in various science fiction stories.  A great example is The Divergent Series (2014). This is a film directed by Neil Burger.  The movie is about a society that attempts to achieve peace by organizing people into different personality groups, in order to create a balanced society.  The leader of the group is a female.  She is displayed as very powerful and assertive.  One reason I find this topic interesting is because Science Fiction often slightly alters features of reality.  Female in positions of power over a nation is something that has become increasingly common.

A great example of this is Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton has a very good chance of becoming the leader of the most powerful nation in the world in the near future.  I do believe the themes I identified here were common in recent history, however, they are starting to change rapidly.

Education of females is being encouraged.  Positions of power are being encouraged.  These topics are no longer for science fiction.  They are not a divergence from reality, they are reality.

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