Striving for Answers

The quest for explanations regarding the worlds process took a turn when Scientists focused their studies of the worlds processes and the deeper meaning of life, when they began to assess the components of what really makes everything that we know in this world a reality. The discovery of molecules and that everything on our planet is inherently made up of them gave scientists a new aspect of research. Many exerts state early in the research of matter and thermodynamics that molecules and other such components are not capable of change, and have remained the same since the creation of the planet, by whichever means you believe it to be created by. These principles laid the foundation of the sciences and theories that we have in place today, because unlike molecules, the theories of science are ever changing and new information is continuously arising as we press deeper into our research. From the basis of the need for explanation, comes many different views on the subjects from nation to nation. New definitions were being invented to explain more in depth laws. Inertia, force, energy all emerged as means of explaining, almost like mathematical equations, processes such as heat, gravity etc. 

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