Could H.C. Von Baeyer receive AP Physics credit for his manuscript?

In the thought experiment prompt, we are examine 17-year-old Hans Christian Von Baeyer’s ambitious attempt to persuade examination administrators into receiving AP Credit for his Warmth Disperses and Time Passes manuscript. As a committee member of the examination board, I would not deviate from my initial decision against accepting his manuscript for credit. 

The primary reason would be the precedence is set for the AP credit. Each student takes a test and will be graded based on their level of application toward the subject. A manuscript will not sufficient as an acceptance alternative for the rest. Nor will I accept opening the door for other various forms of alternatives because of this restructured precedence. 

Secondly, his manuscript focuses primarily on thermodynamics, only a fraction of the study of physics. Chances are von Baeyer did not touch on the full curriculum necessary to show complete proficiency in the subject. 

Von Baeyer would need to take the test and pass in order to receive his credit. If he would like to be accredited for his paper, he can submit it at an appropriate publication. But we will not compromise our standards in order to attend to his manuscript, even if it is well-written and thoroughly researched. 

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