February 18th, 2016

Science and Religion; An Equilibrium View

Darwin in his lifetime was influenced vastly by the role that religion played. For centuries one common thing that all diverse cultures of people shared in common, was that they were all theists as was Charles Darwin. Religion was a part of his early childhood and continued an underlying theme as he grew older. It is here with his age and increasing wisdom of his studies that Darwin realized that ever growing incompatibility with the religious views of our existence, and what he personally believed as physical evidence of a theory of evolution. It is great minds like Darwin who base the initial question first exemplified by Aristotle and Plato’s synopsis of the worlds processes; Why? Darwin was a realist in the sense that he needed proof, and proof is what he found. Over his many years as an active on site researcher C.Dawrin contributed vital information to many branches of science proving to himself more and more as time went on about the existence of a higher being. Although Darwin was so involved in Science, he did in  fact believe in a higher power; god like being. Though he viewed God much like his early colleague Robert Grant, which viewed God not as the Creator and “worship me” ruler, but as a facilitator of life to the earth who provided and provides us with the materials necessary for life, but does not meddle in humanly affairs. Darwin, great contributor of information to the theory of evolution even believes, in his own construct, of a God. This is interesting…

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