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Make up blog: Thoughts on Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is a call for the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all

Make up blog: reflections as a writer

Upon first entering this course I had very different expectations for the topics this

Cartoons and Science: Imagining the Possibilities

For my blog post for this week I have decided to focus on the

Environmental Manifesto

What is here today will be gone tomorrow. The world is constantly changing, as

The Gender Politics of Science Fiction

I very much enjoyed the essays in Lady Science by Anna Reser and Lelia

Man and Meat: Politics of food

I found the article The Sexual Politics of Meat to be both very interesting

Response to: Animals make us Human -Temple Grandin

One aspect I have really enjoyed throughout what I have read of Temple Grandin’s

Proposal for assignment 3: The wonders of Biomimicry!

       For assignment number three I have decided to look at the