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Make up blog: Thoughts on Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is a call for the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all

Make up blog: reflections as a writer

Upon first entering this course I had very different expectations for the topics this

Cartoons and Science: Imagining the Possibilities

For my blog post for this week I have decided to focus on the

Environmental Manifesto

What is here today will be gone tomorrow. The world is constantly changing, as

The Gender Politics of Science Fiction

I very much enjoyed the essays in Lady Science by Anna Reser and Lelia

Man and Meat: Politics of food

I found the article The Sexual Politics of Meat to be both very interesting

Response to: Animals make us Human -Temple Grandin

One aspect I have really enjoyed throughout what I have read of Temple Grandin’s

Proposal for assignment 3: The wonders of Biomimicry!

       For assignment number three I have decided to look at the

Debts to the Past?

Do we owe a debt to the past, to portray it accurately and with

Class Blogging Progress

I’ve been pleased to see the amount of thought and effort most of the

John Herschel on scientific discovery

“Not to mention that by far the greater part of natural phenomena remain yet

Cuvier on natural science and civilization

“Each progressive step of the human species towards civilization is in fact so closely