Acknowledging Drosophila 

Let me tell you about a fly called Drosophila Melanogaster
Without its existence our present would be a disaster
You’ve probably seen its common ancestors 
The common house fly which constantly pesters
Usually at the receiving end of a fly swatter 
Flies always receive a slaughter
But what we do not acknowledge 
Is that this fly should be common knowledge 
Its accomplishments have won top prize
From genetics to evolution it has conquered, regardless of size
We have exploited and operated
Due to your ability to be fabricated
You have created the foundation for genetics
The conclusions have been prophetic
The importance of this fly cannot be understated 
Among all organisms to study, it has always been top rated
Thanks to you we have made tremendous leaps 
The fruits of your knowledge we will continue to reap 
We fail to acknowledge the impact of your existence
Even with all your persistence 
Now you can acknowledge the importance of D. Melanogaster
And with this fly, there are still more feats to master


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