Ignored, unwanted, dismissed, picked last
We judged your appearance way, way too fast
You hang around us like a hungry stray cat
Devouring what humans trash as just scraps
You are not picky, a rotting plum will do
Or even an apple decayed into goo
You live in our homes, our gardens, our bathrooms
And ignore our gallant efforts to trap you
Your life seems boring, is there something you do?
Or just mate, have babies, and snub our “shoo, shoo”s?
You live for three weeks and soon are replaced
But we learned so much when we remembered your face
We remembered the size, the red of your eyes
But then something happened and we didn’t know why
Thomas Hunt Morgan saw red change to white
He believed in your potential, and you know, he was right
You helped us discover what was always unknown
Amino acids, DNA, a tangled chromosome
You showed us the ropes better, faster
An ode to Drosophila melanogaster
Because though the fruit fly be small in size
It has allowed us humans to make great strides

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