An Ode to Ole Dro'


Our friendly white-eyed drosophila melanogaster! Image: wikimedia commons (link attached)

​Dear drosophila melanogaster,
You have been our friend through thick and thin;
You have been put through the ringer,
And then wrung out again.
You have stayed by our side
And filled us with pride.
With your genes switched about,
And your senses turned out,
We have reaped the fruits of experiments on you, dear friend.
How similar are we underneath it all,
When we examine structures so small?
Induced genetic mutations, beheadings, and a drunken fall
Are only some of the awful things done in name of science,
And we didn’t even ask for your compliance.
But for the sake of man, this must continue.
Your life is cheap and easy to renew.

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