Dilbert and Science

​This comic pokes fun at scientists’ use of “guinea pigs” for scientific experiments. While the use of various animals to study behavior and the effects of various drugs is supremely helpful toward learning about humans., many see the use of animals for experimentation as inhumane. This comic strip pokes fun at that viewpoint and portrays the scientist as one who really enjoys mistreating animals.
The comic is very humorous when taken at face value and not too seriously. The scientist chirps at the end “Of course, there’s more to science than just hurting animals, but frankly it’s the part I like best.” In effect, the scientist loves science, but he definitely enjoys hurting animals in the process of scientific discovery. The comic also is very funny when the scientist explains that the rat is susceptible to peer pressure. The rat later decides to drink beer because “all the cool rats drink beer.” This pokes fun at the general high school and college stereotype that everyone drinks alcohol.
The comic does not realistically bring up very important events. However, it does show that there may actually be scientists out there who act similarly to this evil cartoon character. We must be aware of the possibility of scientists only doing their job so that the can commit animal cruelty legally.

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