the doomsday clock

I chose a comic based on the infamous “Doomsday Clock”. Basically, the doomsday clock was created during the cold war by “atomic scientists” aka nuclear physicists and used to determine how close the world was to nuclear war. Now of course this was relatively useful during that time, but considering the cold war is now over and the threat of nuclear war is lower than ever, I feel as though the doomsday clock is just a way to scare unsuspecting people who happen upon it. Today, the doomsday clock is built around threats of global warming and possible war due to international tensions. The problem with this is that nuclear physicists may be knowledgeable, but they are really only knowledgeable in regards to things pertaining to nuclear physics. They can’t really speak on global warming and how much of a threat it is to us if they themselves are not properly educated in global warming. Same with international politics.

I doubt any nuclear physicist really knows that much about politics, or at least not any more than any other average Joe. I’m definitely not saying they’re not smart because obviously they are if they’re nuclear physicists, but probably not extremely well educated on these two issues because they were not specifically educated on those issues. I feel like any random person that happens upon the doomsday clock will get unnecessary anxiety about the fate of the world when in reality no one truly knows what the future hold for us. I also feel as though it was unnecessary even back during the Cold War because again it just caused unnecessary panic. While these scientists may have had more of an idea of what was going on in regards to nuclear war, they still weren’t 100% certain about what the outcome would have been.

Basically what I’m saying is that sometimes I feel like scientists sometimes think they can predict what will happen when in reality they can’t for sure know what’s going to happen in the future. They may have data suggesting such and such may happen but it’s really still just a prediction because no one can truly predict what’s going to happen. Also journalism tends to heavily skew what scientists are saying just to get clicks, even if what the article is saying has nothing to do with what the scientist truly said. So don’t just go around believing everything you see unless it has been tested thoroughly and the scientific community as a whole declares it as true.

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