Dexter's Laboratory

One of my favorite cartoons as a child was Dexter’s Laboratory. It was a cartoon about a boy who was a genius and would do all of these crazy inventions and experiments. He had a sister named DeeDee who would sneak into his laboratory, and annoy him. There were times where she would completely destroy the experiment that he had been currently working on in his lab at the time as well. Even though this cartoon’s main character was Dexter. DeeDee played a very good example of how women are perceived and treated (to an extent) in the field of science. Even though she was not a scientist like her brother Dexter in the cartoon, she is still a good example. DeeDee was a very curious girl and would always find away to get into her brothers lab. While she was in his lab she would mess with things such as his equipment, or even the experiment that he had been currently working on. One of the reasons women are not taken as seriously in the field of science is due to this reason. In the eyes of some males in the field of science some women may let their constant curiosity get in the way of their work. Which can cause a lot more experimental error and waste resources. DeeDee would constantly ask Dexter what he was doing? Or why was he doing a specific thing. She would also go so far as to messing something up in the process of asking him what it was. Another interesting characteristic of DeeDee was how they made her behave and how she was dressed. DeeDee wore a pink dress, pink shoes, and had pigtails. She also danced through the house carelessly, which also was another way she would mess up things in his lab. Despite all of the stereotypical feminine qualities that were given to DeeDee, there were times in the show that she was actually pretty useful to Dexter, whether it was her destruction being useful for once, or in the case of one episode where she was a genius.

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