Gender Bias Still a Reality

After reading through the article about gender bias in science even today, I am stuck by how commonplace it still is, even in the 21st century. The study showed that female scientists were disproportionally tasked with the more experimental tasks involved in the lab. This is interesting because it shows that men continue to take the credit, even without the work. Take for example the study that showed individuals would choose a male student to run their lab over a female student, even with the same credentials. That is complete gender bias, perpetuated by the stereotype of what a scientists should be. 

All of that being said, it is even more disturbing to think about what this gender bias does for up and coming female scientists. What about in the classroom? The article mentions even in introductory science classes female students are underestimated by their male peers. This kind of bias can drastically alter a young female’s path towards or away from science. 

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