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Lady Science no. 5

     Article five of Lady Science is titled “Rethinking the Makers of the

Say Cheese!

​Issue No. 14 of Lady Science presents some interesting ideas that I had never

Medicine is Supposed to be Good, Right?

​Have you ever considered the practice of medicine to be unethical, whether it be

Walk the talk

In Warmth Disperses and Time Passes, Hans Christian von Baeyer demonstrates an impressive understanding of

AP Credit?

The argument to give Baeyer credit would probably be that the writings are simply

The Power of The History Over Statement

        H.C. von Baeyer was an incredible thinker in evaluating the history


​  Does Von Baeyer show an understanding of physics with the paper he turned

If Hans was 18 in 2016

Imagine Hans Christian von Baeyer as a high school student and presents his work,

You shouldn't have a problem passing the Test…

If I was one of the Exam Administrators that H.C. von Baeyer presented his

Striving for Answers

The quest for explanations regarding the worlds process took a turn when Scientists focused

Would H.C. von Baeyers unpublished manuscript be good enough to replace an AP Physics exam?

H.C. von Baeyer’s unpublished manuscript would denote enough evidence to suggest he dominates the

Credit or nah?

The question here is this: does H.C. von Baeyer deserve credit for his “Warmth

Von Baeyer: Worthy of AP Physics Credit or Not?

I remember the night before an AP test. The nervousness. Have I learned enough

17 Year Old Christian Von Baeyer; a Case Against Granted AP Credits 

Derived model of Villard de Honnecourt’s theoretical “perpetual machine”; with an analytical eye towards

Could H.C. Von Baeyer receive AP Physics credit for his manuscript?

In the thought experiment prompt, we are examine 17-year-old Hans Christian Von Baeyer’s ambitious attempt to persuade examination administrators into


This image was created using a meme generating website. I heard a good joke

Who told you Physics was just about heat?

Imagine that H.C. von Baeyer is 17 years old and a high school senior

Should H.C. Von Baeyer Receive Credit

​H.C. von Baeyer is now 17 years old, and a senior in high highschool

AP Credit or Nah?

We live in a world where education is becoming more and more standardized. Although

May I be exempt from this exam?

Now there’s a question every college student wishes they could hear the answer, “yes”

Four – 3.6.16

Growing up in a household surrounded by physics and the HUNDREDS of different ideas

Too Hot for Tests

Typically I am not one to stray from tradition, fall outside the lines of

Not Quite Credit

​Suppose Hans Christian von Baeyer is a high school senior currently enrolled in his

Warmth Disperses and Time Passes as an AP Physics credit

Surprisingly, as a high school student I actually didn’t mind my physics class. Now

Physics Professor Fails AP Exam

For this article, I have named the administrator arguing for von Baeyer, Sir Doofus.

Just not enough

As a hypothetical high school student in AP physics, Hans Christian Von Bayer has

AP physics: warmth disperses and time passes

​”I think we should give von Baeyer credit for his manuscript. After all, he

Thought Experiment about von Baeyer and AP Physics

​In imagining von Baeyer as a high school student presenting an unpublished manuscript of

Thought Experiment

 If I was a committee member in charge of scoring the proposed alternative to

Should H.C. von Baeyer get AP credit for his manuscript?

There are many ways to test someone’s understanding of a subject. For example, in